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You can heal your life and be happy! To open up and share is the oldest and most important of the techniques of healing. It allows us to re-experience all our difficult, oppressed feelings from our past, and allows us to go beyond what we have learned, good as well as bad.

Reflex and Meditation with Jill Fisher Close your eyes, breathe in deeply and let yourself go inward to that place of peace and calm.

A review of the use of Ozone in Healthcare. We welcome Dr Holmes with his HALF DAY OZONE CLINICS, Tuesdays AND Thursdays; 2-6pm.

Ubuntu Tree recognised as 7th Sacred Site in Cape Town Unanbantu Nokuphila the Ubuntu Tree is declared the 7th Sacred Site of Cape Town at the summer solstice by author and conservationist Dean Liprini of SA Sacred Sites Association


FLOATATION & MEDITATION For those who do meditation, floatation is also a definite aid.

7 THEORIES ON FLOATATION Why is the floatation environment so effective? What can be so actively beneficial in an essentially passive device?

FLOATATION FOR STRESS RELIEVE You can get some very good stress relief with floatation for stress relief. When you look at water, there is a tendency to be calmed.

SENSORY DEPRIVATION: Therapy or Torture? The therapy deprives a person of their senses, which can be extremely relaxing, or very difficult to bear.

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